How we work

We would like to hear from you what your deadline is; we will do our utmost to meet it. It usually takes one till two weeks to produce one minute of high-quality video and we need about three to five days to create ten to fifteen images.

What do we need from you?

All information you have about the project is useful. If you have 3D files, elevation maps, landscape/light plans and finishes, that’s great! But if you only have hand-drawn floor plans or a rough sketch, that is fine as well. We can work with almost everything, but the more information you can provide, the better we understand each other.

Before we make a quotation, we need clarity about the exact scope and content of the project. For this purpose, we draw up a detailed list of technical and creative tasks. The more detailed instructions you can give, the easier it will be for us to deliver exactly what you need.

In order to simplify this process for you, we created a questionnaire which can be filed in beforehand.

Form 3D-Still
Form Animation
Form Virtual Reality

Contact DNA visual design to let us know what you need. Indicate the characteristics of your project and the number of images or length of the video you need. You can use this contact form for this.