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Is there a 3D model of the project available?
3ds MaxRevitRhinoCADSketchUpDifferentNo

Information off the current general look and feel of the project, the master plan or the 3D model.
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Animation should include
The location map of the projectAerial photographs from outsideExterior view of half aerial photographsExterior view at eye levelInteriorDetailed landscapingNight or evening scenesVideo clips or the location / on-site functionsProcess 3D images in video imagesText titlesProfessional voice-overBackground musicLogo animation

Simplified environment (white boxes for example)Real and detailed environmentDetailed 3D environmentBackground photoNo environment

What information about the design can you provide?
Only floor plansComplete information of the design (schemes for furniture and materials, elevations, references, plantings, etc.)Different

People in the video
Animated 3D peopleAnimated 3D silhouettes / contoursStill Silhouettes / contoursLive actorsWithout people

Storyboard / script / camera path
If possible, specify the animation storyboard / script / camera path. For fly / walkthrough you may simply mark it on the plan.

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Animation quality
Easy flying aroundStandard QualityTop quality at the highest possible level

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