When you design a garden or landscape, you would like to show your clients how it will look like. With us you have the choice between 'stills', an animation video and virtual reality.

We create for you a range of realistic, high-resolution 3D renderings (computer visualizations) from multiple angles and viewpoints. Each render is a lifelike interpretation of the design, with realistic depth and color. We can also create a complete sun and shadow study for you.

We would be pleased to make a professionally cut and edited video walkthrough of the 3D rendered model. Based on your design, we make a professional film in high resolution, with which you can view the design from all sides and show it to your client and stakeholders.

Virtual reality gives you an even more intense experience than viewing a drawing or a 3D model. With virtual reality you can virtually enter your project. Walk around the landscape that has been designed and get a complete, perfect view of the entire design.

Recent Projects

The key to creating a good visualization is in conveying the atmosphere through the lighting, perfect color balance and expressive composition. But we go further: our visualizations contain the soul of your design.

Why DNA | visual-design?


Within our company there is ample knowledge of architecture: buildings, gardens, landscapes and interior design. That is why we speak the same language.


We are leading in the field of visualization of architecture, garden, landscapes and civil projects.


We are familiar with the developments concerning collaboration in BIM.

Long-term cooperation comes first

We invest in the quality of our work because long-term cooperation is our priority.


We stick to our motto: a deal is a deal.


By using the most advanced technologies and varied expertise, we are able to deliver top quality worldwide.

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DNA | visual-design is a visualization company, based in the Netherlands, that delivers high-quality 3D displays and animations worldwide. We are fast, efficient and always deliver on time. Our professionalism and communication skills makes working with us a pleasure and the final product is always impressive!
Headquarters Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
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